5G internet service started in Bihar – check your phone quickly

Desk: 5G mobile service has started in Bihar from Patna. Gradually, now 5G will be expanded to all areas of Patna and other big cities of the state as well. The special thing is that until the expansion of 5G is done properly at every major places, then you will be able to use it completely free. There is also a big screw in taking advantage of this facility which is available completely free of cost.

Must have supported mobile handset

The biggest problem faced by the people of Bihar to avail 5G service is the mobile handset. At present, most of the mobile users of Bihar use 4G handsets only. Many people are still limited to 2G and 3G handsets. To take advantage of 5G service, your mobile handset must be compatible for it. If your mobile is 5G enabled, then you may have to turn on the 5G network by going to its settings. This setting is also in default in many mobiles.

newly launched mobile 5g better

Now mobile companies are launching only 5G mobiles. Within the last 1 year, many 5G mobiles have come to India. If you have taken mobile during this period, then it is possible that this service is available in your mobile. To know whether your mobile has this service or not, you have to go to the setting of the phone.

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