A stray dog ​​took the life of a seven-month-old innocent child, this dreadful incident happened in Noida

For the past several days, cases of dog bites are coming to the fore. Dog bite cases are not taking its name in Uttar Pradesh. Most of the cases are being seen in high profile societies. In this sequence, once again in the Lotus Boulevard Society of Sector-100, a stray dog ​​snatched a seven-month-old innocent and killed him. The dogs bitten the child so badly that even his intestines came out.

Rajesh Kumar, a laborer engaged in road construction, came with his wife and child. Where both had left the girl and had reached some distance away that some stray dog ​​attacked the 7-month-old girl. The dogs plucked many body parts of the girl. After which the girl was admitted to the hospital but the girl died.

At the same time, after this incident, there is a lot of anger among the people of the society and people are protesting. The residents of the society allege that many times they complained to the district administration to take action regarding stray dogs, but the administration did not take any action.

People say that strict rules should be made again for stray and pet dogs. He said that the Noida authority is being negligent in sending aggressive dogs to the shelter home. That’s why such incidents are happening.

Hemant Kumar

Senior Sub Editor, Photographer & Video Editor for Entertainment & World Desk.

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