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What is BrNews?

BrNews is the result of a rebellion beyond an annoyance. Look around you. According to ‘PK’ the man of this circle thinks something, says something and does something. We shook these three by closing them in the same circle and decided that as we think and speak, so will we write. News and views too. And also everything that lies beyond them.

BrNews is the country’s first ‘New Age’ Hindi news website. It is modern, because of its language, attitude and news criteria. It does select news stories of the day, but with their 360 degree coverage. A complete news report and analysis. Along with additional features like quiz, poll, meme, video.

What is our USP

Cricket is not just a win-win score. Politics is not just statements of leaders. And society is not just newspaper news. That’s why we tell stories. All the interesting tales of the world, in a ridiculous way. The specialty of ‘BrNews’ is its language. Especially as Youngistan speaks, it writes news exactly as it is. On its tongue, all kinds of words, native and English, come boldly.

‘BrNews’ does not follow every news. But the one who does the news brings a new angle to it. And it doesn’t do sensational news. Doesn’t do bikini shoots and affair gossip. Progressive and aggressive about gender, caste, social justice.

We bring not only news but also views in the news. And these views are not just intellectual jargon. They also contain personal experiences, with this the reader of the news feels connected in a new way.

Get Bonus

Fun facts, anecdotes, quizzes, reviews and information from around the world. By reading which you become ‘feeling good’ and you can be wide open in the necessary places. Talk openly on taboo subjects. History meeting. Special series on special occasions. Whether it is Premchand’s birthday or the talk of films with Oscar Awards.

We talk about Adele and Guddi the squirrel too. We also review the latest releases of Netflix and also watch Punjabi movies. We also talk about American elections and also cover Gram Panchayat elections.

We are a media brand representing India, that is India. Who is proud of his village-country and roots. And who wants to measure the world.

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