Anupama met with a major accident on the road, the actress ran to save her life

Rupali Ganguly, who won everyone’s heart with the character of Anupama in the show, is loved by everyone these days. Rupali’s career chart has risen rapidly with this show. Not only this, the number of fans of Anupama has also increased tremendously. His show always tops the list of TRPs. But let us tell you that there was an incident with Rupali which she has not forgotten till date. She was terrified of that accident. It was in the year 2018 when his car had an accident. His son was also with him at that time.

Actually, Rupali was going to drop her son when her car collided with a bicycle. However, the collision was not too serious. There were no scratches on his bike and he did not fall. It happened that Rupali’s car was about to cross the signal because her leg had gone off the brake, that too because her son leaned forward from the back seat and grabbed her phone.

actress car broke down

Both the cyclists got down immediately after the accident. One of them starts abusing the actress and the other breaks the glass of her car. Rupali also apologizes to them, but neither of them listens and the person who broke the windows again broke the glass. After this the actress left from there and lodged an FIR against both of them. Rupali was injured at that time. There was blood coming out of the hands of the actress and there were spots on her cheek too. Rupali had said about this, ‘I did not even know that my car was touched by his bike. One of them started abusing me. I apologized for keeping my son with me with folded hands.

no man came to help

By the way, let us tell you that Rupali also tweeted a lot about this matter and also thanked Mumbai Police for the help. He had said that only women had helped him at the time of the accident. But no man came to help.

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