Arjun Kapoor insulted Shahrukh Khan! Said- Shahrukh is not of India…..

Arjun Kapoor is one of those Bollywood actors who have been tagged with being a star kid and nepotism. Arjun Kapoor remains in headlines for his personal life more than his career and his films. While some people troll him for his acting, he also has to face a lot of criticism on his love life with Personal Lyle and Malaika Arora. However, many times Arjun also gives strong answers on these things. Recently in an event, someone questioned Arjun about pre-marital sex with multiple partners, in response to which Arjun said that Shahrukh Khan is not the identity of India. There is an uproar on this statement of Arjun.

Arjun Kapoor said this big thing about Shahrukh

Arjun Kapoor, who reached an event, said something very strange about Shahrukh Khan. In the event, citing Shah Rukh Khan, questions were raised about Indian culture and pre-marital sex. Adding to Shah Rukh Khan’s saying ‘we live once, die once and marry only one thing’, Arjun was told that there is a one woman culture in India, where sex is not done before marriage and There cannot be more than one partner, this is the identity of India. He was asked what he thought about these things.

Apart from this, while attending the media in the event, Arjun said that Shahrukh Khan’s dialogue is not the identity of India. Arjun turned back and asked who created this identity for the country. On which the reporter said – Shahrukh Khan. Arjun immediately retorted and said – Shahrukh Khan is not the identity of India. Although Arjun Kapoor joked about Shah Rukh Khan, but this answer has become headlines in the entertainment media world.

When Arjun was asked this question

Apart from this, while answering the questions of the media, Arjun Kapoor said in clear words, ‘Before this, if you are very curious and want to explore life, you cannot decide that it will lead to marriage just by meeting a person before that. What do you know about love at the age of 18-20? Sometimes you feel that this is true, then you realize that you should focus on your career or can’t live with this relationship because some things are not working out, or alluded to, why not? And as far as multiple partners are concerned, this is not a video game. That’s why change your question and you will get the right answer.

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