Avatar: The Way Of Water Movie Review: Another masterpiece of James Cameron’s amazing imagination… Avatar The Way Of Water

Movie – Avatar The Way Of Water

Director – James Cameron

Producer – James Cameron and Jon Landau

Starcast: Sam Worthenton, Zoe Saldana, Brittin Dalton, Stephen Lang, Jake and others

Platform – Cinema

Rating – three and a half

James Cameron’s film Avatar, released in 2009, had brought visual cinema to a new height, 13 years later its sequel Avatar – The Way of Water has knocked in cinema halls. This sequel has also technically emerged as a new height for cinema. Which will inspire many generations to come to add or improve this magic of cinema with their stories. The visual treatment of this film fills the eyes with so much dazzle that you ignore some of the film’s flaws. This film introduces you to a different power of cinema.

Simple story with great visuals

Like last time, this time also the story is very simple. You know what will happen after this, but how it will happen on screen is what makes this film special. To watch this special, you have to head towards the cinema hall, especially if it is IMAX. Do not watch the film in less than 3D format, otherwise you will not be able to fully experience its cinematic experience and that is the biggest USP of this film. Coming to this common story with very special visuals, the story of the film has progressed ten years back. Sully (Sam) and Netra (Joi) are happy with their families. He has two sons and one daughter. There are two more people in his family. All of them are happy in their own world, but Sully knows that the danger is not yet over, it has become bigger. This is what happened. Colonel Kvetrich (Stefan) himself has now become an avatar and so have the people in his team. Their only aim is to end the crucifixion. Will they be able to This is the story ahead. Many emotions have been specially added to this simple story, which can especially appeal to the Indian audience. This is the story of such a person. Who can go to any extent to save his family. He can even leave his home, his world, his power. The deep emotions of a human being and an animal have also been given importance in the story. Like in the previous story, here also human greed has been added to the story. The one who destroys all the forest, ocean and animals and is engaged only in serving his own interests. It is not necessary that humans are always bad. An attempt has also been made to prove one thing with the character of Spider.

here is the mistake

Talking about the flaws of the film, the film is of three hours, the length of the film can be reduced a bit. The film takes a little longer to come to the basic story. The climax of the film has been shot very well but some scenes are reminiscent of Titanic. It cannot be denied that this is also a bit jarring.

There is a lot of matter here

This film takes cinema to a new level at the visual level. James Cameron’s dedication is visible. In the first part of Avatar, the miraculous trees of the forest – plants, mountains, strange insects – insects, birds, dangerous wild dogs, the mighty blue of Pandora The residents of Rang were astonished, so this time the underwater world was shown. The deep blue ocean, its depths, its strange creatures, the giant fish Paiken and the kingdom of Metakayana, whose people are lighter than Na’vi, this world of the sea is also full of wonder and awe as well as gives a feeling of supernatural feeling. . The music of the film describes every emotion of the film very well. The action scene in the climax of the film has been shot in the best way. This film increases the thrill of the action-loving audience. The dialogues of the film are in line with the story.

see or not see

Technically wonderful, this film should be watched with the whole family. The visuals of the film are so tremendous that this film not only shows you a different world but also makes you a part of it.

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