Because of father Jeetendra, Ekta Kapoor had to become an unmarried mother

Renowned film and television producer Ekta Kapoor, who is also a single mother to a son who came into her life through surrogacy, revealed how she never had a natural parenting quality, which she shared with her brother Tusshar. Kapoor, who is also a single father. Ekta became the mother of a child named Ravi in ​​2019.

father’s contribution

Ekta named her son after his father’s original name – Ravi Kapoor. As far as both Tusshar and Ekta becoming single parents are concerned, Jitendra said that it is not important whether one is married or single , as long as they have someone at the end of the day. “I believe that one should be happy in life. (It doesn’t matter) You are married or unmarried. For me, the idea was that Tusshar and Ekta must have someone to take them back home. A child is the biggest blessing and a responsibility. With responsibility comes passion, love, happiness and a purpose in life. There cannot be a bigger responsibility than taking care of a child.” He told the publication.

surrogate mother

The woman, also known as the Zarina of TV after producing some of the most popular and historical shows on Indian television, spoke about how being a single parent is such a beauty. She said that her mother used to ask her to marry him, but when she understood that the marriage was not for long, she asked him to have a child. Her Instagram timeline is filled with many cute photos and videos of both Ravi and Laksshya. Ekta revealed that she was 36 when she decided to store her eggs as she had an idea that she was not going to get married just to have a child.

The kids (their Ravi and Tusshar’s Lakshya) also helped their parents (veteran actor Jeetendra and television producer Shobha Kapoor) become different people.

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