Because of this, Deepika’s husband Ranveer Singh may be jailed

Bollywood star Ranveer Singh, who is sometimes seen roaming around in his expensive luxury car Aston Martin (worth Rs 3.9 crore), was recently under scrutiny as some reports claimed that the vehicle’s insurance policy had expired. It was done The noise around the car started when a netizen claimed that the actor was driving the car without a valid insurance policy. However, it is now revealed that the car had a valid insurance policy and the relevant document has been shared online. The document shows the latest policy issue date that the insurance was renewed as recently as this July.

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Many users tagged Mumbai Police saying that Ranveer Singh is driving a car without valid insurance. Mumbai Police replied to the tweet and said that they have forwarded the complaint to the traffic branch. Now, a source in Ranveer Singh’s team has made the insurance copy public. TOI sources also said that adequate fact-checking is not being done before circulating such fake news. Though the insurance is now registered for vehicle registration and the details can be obtained online, there are still many instances where the insurance details are not uploaded online. Most of the police check-posts no longer ask for physical documents and check the details online. However, if the details are not available online, physical documents may supersede the online details.

Whereas in Ranveer’s personal life

Deepika Padukone recently appeared on Meghan Markle’s podcast Archetypes. The podcast covered various topics and aspects but one particular segment managed to grab everyone’s attention. Deepika indirectly rubbished all the rumors suggesting trouble in her marriage and confirmed that all is well with Ranveer Singh.

Speaking to Meghan on the podcast, Deepika said that Ranveer is away for a week to attend some concert and when he comes back he will be happy to see her. “My husband was at a concert for a week and he has just returned home. So, he will be happy to see my face.’

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