‘Black Potato’ will be cultivated in this city of Bihar! Seeds ordered from America for 1500 rupees a kg …

Black Potato is commonly cultivated in the Andes mountain regions of South America. Many Ayurvedic properties are also found in this potato. These potatoes are considered very nutritious. Their cultivation has not yet started in India. But their cultivation is about to start in Bihar. Its cultivation has been started on an experimental basis in Gaya, Bihar. Gaya’s progressive farmer Ashish Singh has started its trial cultivation with 14 kg of potato. Black Potato has been planted on an experimental basis in Gulriyachak village of Tikari block area of ​​Gaya.

Price of seed is Rs 1500 per kg!

Farmer Ashish told that 14 kg of Black Potato seed has been imported from America, which is Rs 1500 per kg. Its price in the US market is $3-4 per kg. Also told that its cultivation is done like common potato and crop comes in three months. Starting it as a trial. If the experiment is successful then there is a preparation to spread it on a large scale. The upper surface of this potato is black, then the inner part is dark purple in color, this potato gives more health benefits than white potato due to many medicinal properties.

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Black Potato
The benefits of Black Potato are many!

Let us tell you that black violet potatoes are especially rich in polyphenol antioxidants called anthocyanins. Higher anthocyanin intake is associated with a number of health benefits, including cholesterol levels, better vision, and a lower risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. This potato boosts blood pressure and blood vessel health. This is partly due to the high potassium content found. In this, more nutritious elements are found than white potatoes, which is better for blood sugar.

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