Chaiwali Priyanka Gupta’s stall was taken away, Rot said crying – now leaving Patna…

News Desk: Graduate Chai Wali of Bihar’s capital Patna does not need any introduction now. Last month, in front of Patna Women’s College, she remained in the social media by setting up a stall in the name of Graduate Chai Wali. People appreciated Priyanka Gupta, graduate tea too. After this Priyanka Gupta shifted her stall to Patna Boring Road. Many franchisees of Priyanka Gupta are running in Patna.

Please inform that their cart was removed by the Patna Municipal Corporation a few days back. After this incident, graduate tea had reached Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav. At the same time, a crying video of Priyanka Gupta is becoming quite viral. In this, she is telling that her cart has been removed again. And now she has accepted defeat from Bihar’s system.

Priyanka Gupta is crying in the video going viral. Crying, she says you all must be knowing me. I graduate tea seller. So called graduate chai wali. We forgot our place. I thought I would do something different in Bihar, but now I am giving up on the system here. She further says that here the status of women is limited only to the stove. Girls have no right to move forward in the state.

This video was put on Instagram on Monday morning. After which it went viral in a few moments. In this, Priyanka Gupta is telling a lot to the Municipal Corporation. Said that many illegal carts are set up in Patna, liquor is sold illegally. But the system is not active for them. On the other hand, if a girl does her business, they harass her. Told them so much that I am returning the money of all the franchisees booked by me and we are leaving.

In fact, the place where Priyanka Gupta was setting up a stall in the name of Graduate Chaiwali in Boring Road. The cart suddenly disappeared from there. After which Priyanka Gupta was seen crying a lot on social media. He said that the handcart has been removed without informing. All these are being blamed on the Municipal Corporation. Graduate Chai Wali says that I had taken permission from commissioner sir, then why am I being harassed. She further says thank you Municipal Corporation, we are going back.

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