Challan Rule: Will the challan be deducted for driving while wearing slippers? Know – Government Rule

Desk : Whether you drive a motorbike or drive a car, driving a vehicle is a responsibility. Precautions should be taken while driving a motor vehicle on the road. Along with this, the traffic rules set by the government should also be followed. By following the rules, an environment of safe traffic will also be created, which is definitely for everyone. But, there are many traffic rules that people hardly know or know less about. For example, let us ask you a question.

Do you know about this rule? Do you know whether it is right or wrong to drive a car wearing slippers? Can you get challaned for driving a car wearing slippers? This is a question that most people may not know the correct answer to. That is, it may be that few people know about the rules related to driving a car in slippers. If you don’t even know, then know today. There is no challan for driving a car wearing slippers. Yes, no fine is imposed for driving a car wearing slippers.

Wrong information has been spread among the people: However, you must have read in many places that driving a car wearing slippers attracts a fine of Rs 1000 or Rs 2000, which is absolutely wrong. In fact, on 25 September 2019, a tweet has been made by Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari’s office, in which it was clearly written that ‘Under the new Motor Vehicle Act (which is currently in force), no challan is deducted for driving wearing slippers. .’

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