Charu Asopa and Sushmita Sen’s brother is going to divorce again, accused of domestic violence

Charu Asopa, a popular actor and fashion influencer, has been popular on social media. He married Rajeev Sen, brother of Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen. Both are facing problems in their marriage for a long time. The married life of the actress has been an open book for all as both of them spoke openly about their issues with each other. A few months back, the couple overhauled their decision to divorce and decided to give their marriage a chance. But now they have separated again and have decided to end their marriage.

what happened

Rajeev Sen said that when couples make such allegations, they should take a lie detector test. He has said that machines do not lie, but humans lie. He said that he does not give any explanation about his personal life to anyone. Rajeev Sen said he had to speak up as the allegations were serious. He said that till the allegations are proved, the allegations are mere. He added that no matter what the problem is between the couple, no parent would want to see their child suffer. Rajeev Sen said that he is sorry for the negative news that is coming. Looks like Rajiv Sen is in Delhi now. Charu Asopa has said that whenever there is a fight, it disappears. He said that he blocked her. Rajeev Sen said that he had taken a flight to Udaipur when his health deteriorated. But he celebrated Diwali alone at his Mumbai home.

Charu’s allegations

The actress has accused Rajiv Sen of physical abuse and has shifted to a new house. She shared with Etimes, Charu agreed that they are not meant to be together. She says that their marriage has always been difficult and that Rajeev suddenly disappears for months and prevents her from trying to reach her.

She said, “Rajeev is by nature, abuses and even raises his hand on me once or twice. He will suspect me of cheating. When I was shooting for Akbar Ka Bal Birbal, he sent messages to my co-stars to stay away from me. It became difficult for me to work. I think he was cheating on me, but that’s something I can’t prove.”

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