Does smoking e-cigarettes reduce the risk…? Misunderstanding will go away after reading this news

New Delhi: You too must have heard the name of E-Cigarette. It is said about this cigarette that it is less harmful than the common cigarette. It is also marketed as a product to get rid of cigarette habit. But is it really not harmful for us to smoke this cigarette? Before telling about it, let us know about this cigarette properly.

• What is this e-cigarette?

Now it comes to the point that what is this e-cigarette? So let us tell you, e-cigarette means electronic cigarette. This is a type of electronic device called an ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System) device. It is battery operated and its job is to deliver nicotine.

• How different is e-cigarette from common cigarette?

The biggest difference between normal cigarettes and e-cigarettes is that electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco. It looks like an electric pan with an LED bulb at its end. On inhaling it, it gives you a burning sensation of cigarette tobacco and when puffed, its bulb also lights up. Many flavors come for its use. Inside it there is a cartridge of liquid nicotine in which liquid flavor is filled.

• The liquid nicotine present in e-cigarettes does not burn, so smoke does not come out of it and due to this, it also does not smell like smoke. Liquid nicotine gets heated and turns into vapor. People who smoke e-cigarettes inhale vapor instead of smoke.

• Disadvantages of e-cigarettes

Nicotine consumption is very dangerous for heart, liver and kidney. Whether you take it as an e-cigarette or as a normal cigarette, it is equally dangerous. Cancer-causing agents are found in nicotine. Its addiction is very bad and it causes dangerous diseases of the lungs. This causes serious diseases like inflammation in the blood vessels.

For information, let us tell you that there is a complete ban on e-cigarettes in the country. But it is sold secretly. In this, a fine of about Rs 5 lakh and a jail term of 3 years has been proposed for violating the rules more than once. In such a situation, keep yourself away from this addiction and do not be under the misconception that e-cigarettes are not fatal for the body.

(Disclaimer: This news has been written for the purpose of information only. Its purpose is not to promote smoking. This news does not confirm the completeness and accuracy of the facts included in the news.)

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