Fans were surprised to see the new look of Urfi Javed, said – it’s fun…

Urfi Javed is in the headlines these days for her unusual fashion. It cannot be seen in a strange look and it does not become the subject of discussion of the people. Recently, now a new look of her is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which she looks very glamorous, let us also tell you about her new look.

Urfi wore some such clothes

Urfi Javed is wearing a transparent sea three golden bralette in his new look. Long skirt is worn with it. As always, this outfit is also very different. She has done bright purple lipstick and fabulous makeup in it. Her high ponytail has flaunted the back look, she is also wearing golden colored earrings. As usual, this look of her is also completely different but her skirt is so tight that she is facing a lot of trouble, due to this she is unable to walk.

Urfi’s look went viral on social media

This new look of Urfi Javed is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Along with this, in this viral video, it can be seen that she is struggling to walk because her skirt is too tight and she is also wearing high heels. But it is a very funny thing that without anyone’s support, Urfi has managed to take care of herself and has been able to climb the stairs. Some people have liked this video of her, while on the other hand some people are trolling her for this look, on which a user has written that I think there is some conspiracy of Taylor involved in making this dress.

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