Farmer suffers cardiac arrest, police intelligently saves his life

There has been an increase in the number of sudden deaths in the last few years. Deaths due to heart attack or cardiac arrest are extremely unfortunate. Videos of sudden death while dancing, exercising in the gym or running are also coming to the fore. Meanwhile, a video has surfaced in which a farmer suddenly fell but a policeman saved his life with his understanding.

The policeman kept pressing the farmer’s chest for a long time. He continued to give CPR till the farmer’s breathing became normal. The name of the policeman is being told as Rahmendravarma. This is the Circle Inspector of Andhra Pradesh Police. After the policeman gave CPR, when the farmer started breathing, the farmer was taken to the hospital for treatment. The doctors have stated the condition of the farmer as stable. Director General of Police KV Rajendranath Reddy praised the work of Circle Inspector Rahmendravarma.

It is worth noting that a video of this incident has been shared by Andhra Pradesh Police from its official Twitter handle. In the video you can see how a policeman started pressing hard on the farmer’s chest after the farmer fell on the ground. The policeman kept doing CPR to the farmer till the farmer’s breathing became normal.

Rakesh Nishad

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