Free from mobile recharge for 70 days, Hotstar free with 258GB data

Desk Vodafone-Idea (Vi) is offering great prepaid plans to the users. Even if you need more data per day, Vodafone-Idea has the best plans in its portfolio for you. One of these is the company’s Rs 901 plan. The company is giving 3GB data daily in the plan. Apart from this, you will get 48 GB additional data free in this plan. Unlimited calling and many additional benefits are also being given in the plan. Let’s know the details.

Benefits available in Rs 901 plan This plan of Vodafone-Idea comes with a validity of 70 days. The company is offering 3GB data every day for internet usage in this plan. The special thing is that in this plan you will also get 48 GB additional data free. In this plan, 100 free SMS and unlimited calling are also available daily. In this you will also get Disney + Hotstar mobile subscription free for one year.

This Rs 901 plan comes with many additional benefits. In this you will also get Binge All Night Benefit. Under this, you can use unlimited data from 12 noon to 6 am without spending daily data. Apart from this, the company is also offering weekend data rollover and 2GB backup data every month in this plan. The subscribers of the plan are also being given free access to Vi Movies and TV VIP.

50GB extra data in Diwali offer Vodafone-Idea is offering 50GB additional data free with a plan of Rs 1449 as part of its Diwali offer. This plan comes with 1.5 GB data per day. In this plan with a validity of 180 days, you will also get the benefit of 100 free SMS daily and unlimited calling. Like the Rs 901 plan, the company is also offering benefits like Binge All Night, Weekend Data Rollover and Data Delight.

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