Good news for the employees before Chhath, salary will start coming in the account on this day.

Big news has come out for the government employees of Bihar state. Now they will not have to wait till November 1 to get their October salary. This time the salary will be received in the account only on October 20. Keeping in mind the Diwali and Chhath Puja, this time the Bihar government has announced to give salary 10 days in advance. With this announcement, happiness can definitely be seen on the faces of lakhs of employees of the state.

It is known that the Finance Minister of the state himself has announced to pay the salary ahead of time in front of the media. He said that from October 20 to 23, the salary money would be credited in the account of all the state employees.

This time in the month of October almost all the big festivals are there. But both Diwali and Chhath Puja are the main festivals at the end of the month. Due to which the employed people are facing difficulties in celebrating the festival. Now regarding this serious problem, the Bihar government has announced to release the salary of October to all the employees of the state 10 days before the normal days. This is the reason that the government has already decided to pay the salary so that those who get the fixed salary do not face any financial crisis.

Bihar Finance Minister Vijay Kumar Choudhary said that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has announced early release of salary from the normal time this month in view of the upcoming festivals. Salary will start coming in the account of employees from October 20. For the last 2 years, due to Corona, the people of Bihar state were not able to celebrate Chhath Puja properly. So that this time the festival can be celebrated properly, for this the government has to take a decision to release the salary ahead of time.

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