Playing with the life of a Dengue patient, instead of platelets, Mausambi juice was given, the patient died

In the Sangam city of Prayagraj, such a sensational case of playing with the lives of dengue patients has come to the fore, which is going to put humanity to shame. Here, in the greed of a few money, a patient who came in the grip of dengue disease was offered Mosambi juice instead of platelets. The patient’s condition worsened due to adulteration of Mosambi juice with platelets and died a few hours later in another hospital.

Let us tell you, a patient named Pradeep Pandey, a dengue victim, was admitted to the Global Hospital in Jhalwa on October 17. Doctors had advised him to transfuse eight units of platelets. Three units of platelets were also given to the patient. Later, when five more units of platelets were called by the hospital, the relatives of the patient brought the platelets through an agent.

The relatives have alleged that in the name of platelets in a private hospital, their patient was given juice of mosambi. After this the condition of his patient Pradeep Pandey deteriorated and he was taken to another hospital where he died during treatment. After this, the relatives of the patient accused the private hospital of negligence and offering Mousambi juice in the name of platelets.

The relatives have demanded action considering the negligence of the hospital management in the matter. At present, after the disclosure of the matter, an investigation team has also been constituted by the health department. The CMO has called for an immediate report from the investigation team. The CMO says that action will be taken against the hospital management for gross negligence.

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