Punganur is the smallest breed of cow, their milk has maximum power.

There are 50 indigenous breeds of cows in India, each breed has its own specialty, one such endangered breed is Punganur, the cow of the smallest breed, their milk has maximum power…. Who is famous for his short stature. Protecting this breed. Whose name is Krishnam Raju. Spread over 4 acres in Lingampatti village of East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, there are over 300 herds of Punganur cows at the Punganuru Gaushala, which was started by Krishnam Raju about 15 years ago with a single cow.

About starting the Gaushala, Dr. Krishnam Raju says, “From the beginning I had an affinity for cows, then I came to know about Punganur. Initially, he brought a cow, which was artificially inseminated at the government farm in Guntur, after that their number started increasing.

He further says “Punganur is the smallest breed of cow, its milk has maximum power. It is an ancient breed, this breed was also reared by sages, this small cow does not even have to be fed much, while its milk is also good. But gradually after the arrival of foreign breeds, the old breeds of our country started becoming extinct, one of them was Punganur.

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Punganur is the smallest breed of cow, their milk has maximum power. Mainly a breed of Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh in South India, this breed of cow is named after Punganur in Chittoor district situated at the south-eastern tip of the Deccan Plateau. The milk of Punganur breed has high fat content and is rich in medicinal properties. The fat content of cow’s milk is generally 3 to 3.5 percent, whereas the milk of Punganuru breed contains 8 percent fat.

The number of Punganur cows decreased

According to the breed-wise livestock population-2013 based on the breed survey, the number of Punganur cows in Andhra Pradesh was only 2,772, but in the last few years, work is being done on the conservation of Punganuru breed. While according to the 20th livestock census done in the year 2019 and NBAGR, the number of Punganur cattle is 13275. It is the third number among the least number of bovine breeds in the country. Talking about the least number of cows, the Belahi breed has the least number of 5264 cows. Panikulam at number two, Punganur at number three, Vechur at number four and Dagri at number five.

punganur are of small stature

Due to the small stature of Punganur, many people have started liking it. Krishnam Raju explains, “It can survive in any state in the whole country, people from states like Delhi, UP, Bihar, Gujarat, Karnataka have also taken away cows.”

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