Rishi Sunak has become a big problem for some Muslims, know how…

Rishi Sunak has reached the top of British politics. Sunak of Indian origin has surprised everyone by becoming the Prime Minister of Britain. This is the first time in the history of Britain that a British citizen of Indian origin has become Prime Minister at the age of 42. Along with this, news is also coming that some Muslims of Britain do not like Sunka to become Prime Minister at all. Sunak has become Prime Minister of Britain within a month of serious unrest in Leicester.

Inquiries are being held in the Leicester case

Leicester, a city of three million people, is known for its inter-community harmony. Recently Muslim-Hindu unrest in this quiet city caught the attention of people around the world. Several independent inquiries are still going on regarding the communal clashes.

Rishi Sunak said this in the interview

Rishi Sunak also gave an interview on grooming gangs in which Pakistani youths were mentioned. In this interview, Sunak was also seen promising action on the issue of a sensitive race. A Muslim organization is running a campaign against him regarding this. The Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) posted several tweets between October 24 and 26 – all also criticizing Sunak.

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Large section silent about Sunak

Let us tell you that due to the achievement of Rishi Sunak, there are reports of stir among Muslims in Britain. A large section is silent about Britain’s youngest and first Hindu Prime Minister. Many others are looking at his policies from an Islamic point of view, while some have already declared that a Hindu prime minister would not be right for Muslims.

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