Saba Ibrahim Vlog: Saba Ibrahim gifted this special thing to husband Sunny, got emotional while saying goodbye to Mumbai

Saba Ibrahim, sister of TV’s most popular actor Shoaib Ibrahim and sister-in-law of Deepika Kakkar, has been spending time with her parents in Mumbai for some time now. However, now her husband Sunny has come again to take her back to Maudaha. Ammi became very sad due to Saba’s departure and started crying. Seeing him crying, Saba also started crying bitterly. However, later both gave each other a lot of courage. After that, Saba went to the mall with Sunny and Riyaan and Riza and brought a special gift for Sunny from there. Sunny was happy to see this surprise and said that they will definitely wear it together. Please tell that Saba Ibrahim is an active YouTuber. The name of his channel is Saba Ka Jahan. In which he has 2.92 million subscribers. Millions of views come on his blog.

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