Son will not get property rights while parents are alive, know – rules ..

Desk : A decision of the Bombay High Court has caught the attention of the people. This decision is historic for every parent of the country. The High Court has clearly held that the child has no right on the property of the parents when they are alive. In fact, a petition was filed by a person in the Bombay High Court, stating that he wanted half of the property of his parents. The petitioner is the son of Sonia Khan. It says in its argument that our parents have 2 flats out of which I have a right.

After hearing the arguments, the court clearly said that the children have no right on the property of the parents while they are alive. Let us inform that while hearing the matter, no such document was produced by the petitioner in the court to the concerned Bench to show that he has also taken care of his parents.

The Bombay Court termed this petition as inconsistent and illogical. The bench argued that under the inheritance law, no child can inherit property in the country as long as their parents are alive. He refused to allow his father to interfere in the petition for protection of law in the matter. It was said by the Bombay High Court that the sons do not have the right over the property of the parents when they are alive. This statement has become very much discussed. In fact, this can be verified under the succession law. At the same time, people do coercion even after the law is in place. The High Court’s injury on this was brilliant.

Rakesh Nishad

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