The condition of Marhaura sugar mill is worse, iron worth crores was cut and sold, the administration is silent

closed sugar mill in bihar The story of theft is not a new one. Theft of iron from the sugar mill is happening continuously. Iron is being stolen continuously. But neither the media nor the administration gets any attention regarding this news. We are talking about Marhaura sugar mill… where iron is cut and sold continuously for the last several years. On which the attention of the government does not even go.

On the one hand, the demand for starting new factories and mills in Bihar keeps on rising continuously. The news of theft of iron in the same sugar mill shows the bad situation here. According to the news, so far around 50 crores Iron worth more than Rs has been cut and sold. The process of cutting continues.

In search of employment, the people of Bihar wander from place to place. Many sugar mills are lying closed in Bihar which are dilapidated. But it is not even being restarted. It is right as a heritage, but instead of preserving it, the machines of this ruin are cut and sold.

As part of the campaign to save the parts of the closed sugar mill, people continuously come forward. But the process of theft in the closed sugar mills is continuing for the last several years. The way the local administration works is also apathetic. Because of which the courage of thieves also increases a lot, that’s why theft is happening continuously for many years.

The Marhaura sugar mill, which was closed for many years, has been handed over to thieves. Iron, copper, brass, wood etc. are being openly stolen daily from this mill in three shifts by local anti-social elements. Knowing all this, the local police are watching the spectacle with folded hands.

Sushil Tiwari

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