The condition of the state deteriorates during Diwali, Begusarai becomes the most polluted city, the condition of the capital is also not good

On the occasion of Diwali, pollution is generally bound to increase. But this time on the occasion of Diwali in Bihar, the pollution level is at a very bad condition. The Air Quality Index (AQI) is above 200 on Monday 24 October 2022 in cities like the capital Patna, Begusarai, Saharsa. There is a possibility of heavy fireworks on Diwali in the evening, in such a situation, there is a possibility of increasing pollution.

If we look at the latest data of the National Air Quality Index, Begusarai is the most polluted city in Bihar. The highest AQI was recorded here at 9 am on Monday, which is a poor level. After this, 258 AQI was registered in Danapur, Patna. At the same time, the level of pollution in the air in Saharsa also increased and the AQI reached the figure of 209 at 9 am.

Check the Air Quality Index (AQI) in various cities of Bihar on October 24 at 9 am here-
City Location AQI Air Quality
Araria Kharhia Basti 184 Not Good
ara dm office 166 not good
Aurangabad Gurudev Nagar 119 Not good
Begusarai Anandpur 289 Bad
Bettiah Kamal Nath Nagar 131 not good
Bhagalpur Kachari Chowk 145 not good
Mayaganj 156 not good
Biharsharif DM Colony No Data
buxar central jail 124 not good
Chhapra Darshan Nagar 150 not good
darbhanga town hall no data
Gaya collector office 131 not good
Karimganj 139 not good
State Forest Training Institute 77 All right
Hajipur Industrial Area 124 not good
katihar mirchaibari 144 not good
Kishanganj SDO office 104 not good
Manguraha Forest Department Guest House data not available
Motihari Gandak Colony 162 Not Good
Munger Town Hall Data Not Available
muzaffarpur buddha colony 186 not good
Daudpur Kothi 141 is not good
dm office 124 not good
Patna Danapur DRM Office 258 is bad
shikarpur high school 91 ok
Constellation 131 is not good
Muradpur 121 is not good
Rajbansi Nagar 174 is not good
Samanpura 138 is not good
Purnia Mariam Nagar 148 is not good
rajgir dangi tola 99 ok
saharsa police line 209 is bad
Samastipur DM Office data is not there
sasaram dada pir 87 ok
Siwan Chitragupta Nagar 182 is not good

It is known that on the basis of the air quality of the city, the AQI ke points are given. The AQI is divided into several categories and accordingly determines the impact on air quality. What do the numbers in the Air Quality Index represent?

AQI 0-50 means air is good
AQI 51-100 means air is fine (slight shortness of breath for sensitive people)
AQI 101-200 i.e. the air is not good (lung, heart and asthma patients have difficulty in breathing)
AQI 201-300 i.e. the air is bad (breathing problem if one is in such an environment for a long time)
AQI 301-400 means the air is very bad (risk of respiratory illness if exposed to such an environment for a long time)
AQI 401-500 i.e. air is dangerous (Effects even on healthy person, worse if already sick

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