When Malaika Arora did such an act of moving train, that blood started flowing

Desk : Bollywood’s well-known actress Malaika Arora is celebrating her 50th birthday today. The actress has come a long way in this industry. Today Malaika Arora is not seen much in films and remains in the headlines for her personal life and fitness, there was a time when the actress used to give life to every performance with full dedication.

Malaika Arora danced very vigorously on the song ‘Dil Se’ in the year 1998, due to which she came into the limelight. Malaika Arora gave her whole life in this song. In an interview, she had told that the train was running very loudly and she had stumbled several times. She kept touching right left because of air pressure.

Talking about work, Malaika Arora is at the age of 50 today and she is super fit. He is also very fit at this age through gym, yoga and other ways. Malaika Arora is dating Arjun Kapoor for a long time now, she is in a relationship with him for a long time. Both also keep sharing pictures together on social media every day, due to which they get a lot of headlines.

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