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Shailesh Lodha surprised everyone by coming out of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. Even after coming out, it was found that all the disputes were over. People are still not able to understand what happened after all that Shailesh suddenly said goodbye to the show. Why did Shailesh think it was right to leave the 14-year-long show midway? But recently, Shailesh, who reached Siddharth Kanan’s show, talked many things about the show.

Shailesh’s return to the world of poets

Shailesh Lodha said goodbye to Taarak Mehta’s show but could not escape the question as to why he did it. With this show, he got fame, money, recognition from house to house. After leaving the show, there was an indirect rift with director Asit Modi. There were lakhs of attempts to persuade him to return to the show but Shailesh stuck to his point. Shailesh never revealed the real reason behind his exit from the show. Although these days Shailesh Shemaru is seen in the channel’s Wah Bhai Wah show. It is a show dedicated to poetry.

Shailesh told in a conversation with Siddharth Kanan how emotional he is about the 14-year-old show Taarak Mehta. How did he get this serial? Shailesh said- I met the makers of the show at the airport. He was very confident. He said that this is a character and you have to do this role. Shailesh further said in this conversation that I am an emotional flower. We are all Indians and our emotions get attached to anything. Join me too Been associated with that show for so long. When asked the reason for leaving the show, why did you leave when you were emotional? Shailesh said – I am a passionate flower. Used to go to work everyday. Well I am not patient but have come for that show. There must have been some compulsions… See, it is not that I would never say that, but I would definitely say. Just wait for the right time. I would definitely say what my reason was.

The Kapil Sharma Show is Slut

In the conversation, Shailesh also talked about The Kapil Sharma Show. He called the comedy going on in the show sloppy. Such shows have started appearing on TV where grandmothers kiss everyone. Such things cannot be comedy. Kapil Sharma is a very good actor. But I called a segment of that show a slut, not him. I also went to the same show and waved the flag of poems. Even better equation than Kapil.

Currently, Sachin Shroff is seen in the role of Taarak Mehta in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. Director Asit Modi had said in an interview that- We waited a lot for Shailesh but he is not in the mood to come back. The show has to go on. In such a situation, we had no choice but to bring someone else in this character.

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